BUFVC Learning on Screen Award

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Congratulations of to my LTS content production colleagues for winning a prestigious British Universities FIlm and Video Council award for their work producing a wholesale jerseys bespoke men’s BANNERS tailoring masterclass Siri with Henry Poole and co. – they and were up against wholesale jerseys the Camera BBC and the University of Reading.

28 hours of detailed instruction 2558 showing the entire iPad-Bots process of making wholesale jerseys a suit…..

BMD Pocket Cinema Camera

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Last Стартовое week BMD made the headlines with their cheap MLB jerseys two here! new Cinema Cameras HaCk3D – a 4K Super 35mm big brother to the wholesale MLB jerseys original 2.5k Cinema cheap jerseys Camera and the Siri big surprise here…….. – a Super 16mm Pocket Cinema Camera with an kinderkoor active Micro wholesale nfl jerseys 4/3rds lens mount.

John Brawley has been road testing it in Australia:


At about £750, I jumped on CVP’s site wholesale mlb jerseys and paid a £138 deposit… supposedly shipping in July, but given BMD’s track record with the original 2.5k camera, I won’t hold my breath.

Siri Proxy

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Completed my Siri-proxy project a couple cheap nba jerseys of weeks ago.

I can control all wholesale jerseys of the lightwave RF devices (lighting, is heater, cheap jerseys power to sound system and TV) as well as send Jerseys voice commands to EyeTV. The good thing is that it all works by intercepting server requests from Siri to Apple’s servers, so no jailbreak is needed for the iOS device, just install a certificate on the device and it works.

The exercise taught me a here…….. fair amount about Ruby Gems and Mascots how to get Siri to produce jerseys conditional responses. I can say “open Safari” and the Siri Election will ask me the wholesale jerseys URL then switch from the TV to the website – handy for iPlayer and 4OD.

Overall a good use for a £25 computer.

Here Way are the resources wholesale nfl jerseys if you are interested:




Ordered 21 May 2012 and due 13th May 2013: My Leap is nearly here!

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I wholesale jerseys China am cheap nba jerseys genuinely cheap jerseys excited On by Red this little $79 box. It has a lot of potential to be disruptive on many levels. I pre-ordered one about a year ago and have since added another two.

While still at OUCS I was looking at joining the Leap developers program, but sadly I just did not have the time. A year on and I can see that there have been some interesting projects that are ready to launch in the Leap app store with NASA even using the controller for the Athlete space rover:

New apps from S by SW: