Waves NX

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I have been testing the new Waves NX beta while waiting for the head tracker hardware. Using the built in web camera, the software tracks the position of your head and generates a pseudo-surround mix within your 2.0 headphones that moves the soundstage as you twist your head. The tracking to a little slow in the Mac beta, but I can see that using the Bluetooth hardware sensor for the positional input would speed things up.

My AKG K1000 are possible the best partners ever made for this software as they sit as ‘head speakers’ just away from the ear, enhancing the effect, when compared to some Bose enclosed AE2’s I tried.

There is a plug in for DAWs too called ‘NX virtual mix room’ that gives you a control room dimensioned space to mix in. The Android beta is out and the iOS version to follow soon.

Not sure I would fully trust something that is manipulating phase in this way with a master – but to A/B between the normal non-NX and the processed mix definitely gives you a different perspective on the spread and positioning of elements.

Low cost and useful – just maybe not quite as convincing in person as the hype.

Mevo: Lecture Capture game changer?

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About three years ago at an Opencast (Matterhorn) conference held at Oxford, I had a long discussion about the merit of ‘oversampling’ the lecture space with high pixel count sensors, then ‘windowing’ a standard HD frame in post, or with automated motion tracking. There was, at the time, a valiant open source effort in the form of LectureSight that used a close webcam to track and position the primary PTZ room camera. Not a very portable solution. Stuart and his Colleagues at Manchester tried this and a number of solutions for their Maths spaces, but it all seems a bit clunky in practice and certainly not portable. In August the streaming CDN LiveStream launched Mevo in the US, originally due in April for pre-orders. This $400 tiny cylindrical camera has a Sony 4K sensor and creates multiple HD windows from the oversampled wide master shot that can be switched live from an iOS device. It has multi-person motion tracking that can detect Jaw. Oh… and the magnets…. this thing sticks to any metal object for quick positioning in a workshop.

Why is it a big deal? For webinars, lectures that need permeable synchronous live streaming it will be the first time I can send out a small Peli case with an iPad and one of these for ‘self service’ streaming – instead of a whole team.

But…. taken a step further – it hints at cloud LC services that could capture the wide 4K (or 8K or 16K…. etc) from a single static shot and then serve up a variety of dynamic live ‘edits’ based on user preference.

AKG K1000 Ear Speakers

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I can only tell you that looking a complete idiot while wearing these is completely worth it. The detail, range and adjustable soundstage make these a serious contender for the best headphones ever made. I really wanted a pair in the ’90’s as a consistent reference for mixing between different studios, but hard to justify. Years later and with very little opportunity to make a seriously loud noise, I grabbed a pair from Portland Oregon.




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The SPS200 Soundfield mic has four capsules in a tetrahedral arrangement that allows decoding to Mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and 8.0 channel formats all from Ambisonics stye ‘A-format’ recording made directly from the four http://www.mbho.de capsules (Ex Schoeps engineers).

Decoding is from a DAW plugin – so you can ‘point’ and focus the mic after the recording has been made, which I plan to investigate for post-produced steering of Live Capture events…


Digital Fashion Conference

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Attending the inaugural International Digital Fashion Design Conference.

Some interesting stuff and a very useful look into the future of additive manufacture (otherwise known as 3D Digital Printing).

Handling some of the first digitally printed fabrics… Effectively plastic chain-mail.

I will probably blog later about the obsession at conferences recently with the term ‘Digital Native’.



BMD Pocket Cinema Camera

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Last Стартовое week BMD made the headlines with their cheap MLB jerseys two here! new Cinema Cameras HaCk3D – a 4K Super 35mm big brother to the wholesale MLB jerseys original 2.5k Cinema cheap jerseys Camera and the Siri big surprise here…….. – a Super 16mm Pocket Cinema Camera with an kinderkoor active Micro wholesale nfl jerseys 4/3rds lens mount.

John Brawley has been road testing it in Australia:


At about £750, I jumped on CVP’s site wholesale mlb jerseys and paid a £138 deposit… supposedly shipping in July, but given BMD’s track record with the original 2.5k camera, I won’t hold my breath.

Siri Proxy

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Completed my Siri-proxy project a couple cheap nba jerseys of weeks ago.

I can control all wholesale jerseys of the lightwave RF devices (lighting, is heater, cheap jerseys power to sound system and TV) as well as send Jerseys voice commands to EyeTV. The good thing is that it all works by intercepting server requests from Siri to Apple’s servers, so no jailbreak is needed for the iOS device, just install a certificate on the device and it works.

The exercise taught me a here…….. fair amount about Ruby Gems and Mascots how to get Siri to produce jerseys conditional responses. I can say “open Safari” and the Siri Election will ask me the wholesale jerseys URL then switch from the TV to the website – handy for iPlayer and 4OD.

Overall a good use for a £25 computer.

Here Way are the resources wholesale nfl jerseys if you are interested:




Ordered 21 May 2012 and due 13th May 2013: My Leap is nearly here!

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I wholesale jerseys China am cheap nba jerseys genuinely cheap jerseys excited On by Red this little $79 box. It has a lot of potential to be disruptive on many levels. I pre-ordered one about a year ago and have since added another two.

While still at OUCS I was looking at joining the Leap developers program, but sadly I just did not have the time. A year on and I can see that there have been some interesting projects that are ready to launch in the Leap app store with NASA even using the controller for the Athlete space rover:

New apps from S by SW: