Waves NX

I have been testing the new Waves NX beta while waiting for the head tracker hardware. Using the built in web camera, the software tracks the position of your head and generates a pseudo-surround mix within your 2.0 headphones that moves the soundstage as you twist your head. The tracking to a little slow in the Mac beta, but I can see that using the Bluetooth hardware sensor for the positional input would speed things up.

My AKG K1000 are possible the best partners ever made for this software as they sit as ‘head speakers’ just away from the ear, enhancing the effect, when compared to some Bose enclosed AE2’s I tried.

There is a plug in for DAWs too called ‘NX virtual mix room’ that gives you a control room dimensioned space to mix in. The Android beta is out and the iOS version to follow soon.

Not sure I would fully trust something that is manipulating phase in this way with a master – but to A/B between the normal non-NX and the processed mix definitely gives you a different perspective on the spread and positioning of elements.

Low cost and useful – just maybe not quite as convincing in person as the hype.

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